Frugal Living: How to Afford New Tech


Time to buy a new laptop or tablet? Don’t bemoan those high price tags! Here are six tips to help you make your purchase more affordable:

  • Don’t Despair, Repair: Before you go out and buy another computer, have a professional or skilled friend take a look at it. You may just need an updated operating system or have a virus wiped away!  
  • Price Does NOT Equal Quality: Unfortunately, with certain brands, you may be paying more for the name on the device, rather than the quality of what’s inside it. Research consumer publications before you buy. Consider buying the generic brands of cords and other accessories.
  • Focus Only on What You Need: Can you add more capabilities to a cheaper model? It may cost you less than buying the more expensive, fully-loaded version. Don’t buy features you don’t need! Think about what you’ll use it for, and the amount of storage and speed you’ll actually need.
  • Sniff Out Discounts: Coupons for your electronic purchases ARE out there. Check your mail and online. Some vendors also offer student discounts.
  • Timing: April, August, September, and November are generally associated with better deals. Prices for older models tend to drop after a new model is released.
  • Buy Refurbished: Certified refurbished products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to make sure they’re up to the standard of new devices, but cost a good deal less! It may be best to buy these straight from the manufacturer or a reputable dealer so they receive “factory certified” status.

Want to make money you can put toward your purchase? Consider selling old, unused tech and accessories.