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What to Do When Faced with a Problem

So, you’ve run into an obstacle. How should you respond? 

Don’t ignore the difficulty: Tackle it head on! 

The following steps will help you address problems when they arise:

Acknowledge the Issue. 

Ignoring a problem will not make it go away. Get a clear, full sense of the situation before you act. If necessary, communicate with any affected parties. If you have not already found a solution, let them know that you are working to provide one soon.

Don’t Panic.

No matter how worried or uncomfortable you are, take a few breaths. Remind yourself that whatever crisis you face, you will overcome it. Don’t let your emotions take control. Doubt and panic can cloud your ability to focus and make wise decisions regarding the issue at hand. When stress is in the driver seat, you’re more likely to act impulsively and make a bad situation even worse.

Check Your Notes.

Reflect: Have you ever faced this problem before? Do you have plans in place for this type of issue? If you don’t already do so, make a habit of keeping records of the issues you face, as well as the steps you took to resolve the problem. Your records will enable you to effectively address worst-case scenarios when they arise. Take what you learn from challenges in the present to create action plans. 

Get a Second Opinion.

You don’t have to face your problems alone. Your mentors, thanks to their years of experience, likely have a tried-and-true solution they can recommend. With their help, you can become a savvy, effective problem-solver.

Take Action. 

Respond to the problem as soon as you reasonably can. If your initial attempts aren’t effective, keep working to find solutions. When an issue becomes especially challenging, remember that your mentors are a phone call away!

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