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Steps to Take Before You Act

Are you in the middle of a difficult decision? 

Understandably, no one wants to do something that they will later regret. You will make wiser decisions and set yourself up for success if you: 

Reflect on Your Wants versus. Needs.

While it pays to be brave, you don’t want to act too rashly or impulsively, either. Many decisions you’re responsible to make won’t require you to answer or act right away. First, reflect on how this action fits with your goals. Will this option fulfill a need or is this consideration the result of a whim? Taking the time to assess how a step will fit into your greater vision and personal preferences will help you make wiser decisions from a levelheaded place. 

Assess Your Budget.

Don’t let a decision take you off budget, or worse, off course from your plans! Before you act, try to determine how this action will fit into your overall professional, personal, and financial plans. It’s also important to be frugal and practical; ask yourself honestly if you have the time and money to do what you are considering. Assess if you will need more resources or income before you can proceed.

Get Good Information.

Take time to research your options. Double-check your sources. Verify the information you hear; consult your trusted mentors before making any major decisions. Your mentors’ years of experience can help you find and take steps that are the most effective and beneficial for you and your business.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Steer You.

Emotional decision-making can lead to regret. Stress and strong emotions can cloud your ability to make good judgments. If you are feeling particularly emotional, try to get into a calmer, clearer place before taking new or uncertain next steps.

Protect Yourself from Risks.

Take the risks of any action into consideration. Once you have identified potential risks, take steps to protect yourself as much as possible before moving forward. Your mentors can help you identify potential risks and adequately protect yourself from them. 

Be Ready to Learn from the Outcome.

Be honest with yourself. Keep an open mind about the results of your actions. Learn from the process and outcome. Adjust your approach moving forward based on what you learned and new information that arises. Allow yourself to continue growing and learning as you progress along your professional path.

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