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The Benefit of Giving Your Best (100% of the Time!)

Whether you’re building your business, sweating at the gym, or headed out on a date, any time you want to succeed, remember to do one thing: put in your full effort! If you strive to do and be your best, you increase the likelihood of accomplishing more than you thought possible.

Make excellence a habit, rather than something you pull out of your bag only occasionally. Consider these three ways a dedication to always doing your best will engender even greater success: 

Build a Reputation: You will help yourself stand out above the rest if you can demonstrate a regular commitment to excellence. While finding the energy to continuously give our best can seem daunting, putting forth your highest effort often delivers results that are well worth the effort. If you maintain your dedication to doing your best, you and your services have a better chance of impressing people and holding their attention.

Keep Improving: Excellence does not mean that you need to be a perfectionist. At moments when your best does not seem like enough, there is no need to be too harsh on yourself. For example, rather than beat yourself up after a mistake, ask, “What can I learn from this?” The role of a mentor can help you identify areas where you can improve and show you how to go about making lasting change for the better. Remember, most of those that stand at the top of their field were not born with their skills and discipline: they had to work for many years to get there! If you work hard regularly to improve yourself, you put success in your hands.

Convey Excellence to Others: In business, it pays to be the best. People are always looking for the best value for their time and money. If you want to entice others to join you and seek your services, it is important to express your respect of their time, their funds, and their pursuits overall. By creating an air of respect, you show that you take them as seriously as they expect. Approach every client as a premium client. 

If you can convey to your clients how much you value them, they’re more likely to realize the benefit they’ll experience by working with you.

Bonus Tip: Always acknowledge when you see others giving their best. After all, our environment plays a major role in our success! It never hurts to make our surroundings more positive.

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