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How to Make Long-Lasting Professional Connections

A strong professional network is a major asset for anyone looking to grow their business and reach their potential. These connections are not created overnight: it takes time and effort to build a meaningful professional relationship. Once you find people you connect with on a personal and professional level, keep your bond strong by practicing these six habits: 

A Habit of Giving: Sadly, too many people make the mistake of assuming that their network exists solely to benefit themselves. Watch out for falling into the trap of taking, but not giving anything back in return. Be wary of this mindset: people can grow tired of providing too many favors! You will enjoy more beneficial, long-lasting connections with people if you approach your interactions in terms of what you can do for THEM. If you make a habit of helping, when you finally do need assistance, it will be much more willingly given.

Be Empathetic: The simple act of demonstrating that you care goes a long way. Sometimes, you won’t be able to help your peer solve their problems, but you can give them an empathetic ear. When people believe you care about the things they do, they are more likely to see you as a valuable person to include in their journey.

Make Face Time: Devote meaningful in-person time to your respected peers. A rare meeting once a year will likely not be enough to keep your relationship strong and relevant; try instead to meet more often—for instance, for lunch every few months. These are excellent opportunities to catch up and see your current challenges from a new perspective.

Put in the Work: As your success increases, life becomes busier with each passing year. As easy as it can be to forget people from your past, don’t let that happen! Maintaining long-term professional connections can be hard work. But doing so will be worthwhile when you see how your peers’ advice and support help you achieve your next level of accomplishment.

Find a Unique Voice: An excellent way to create naturally long-lasting professional connections is to find someone who can give you a different perspective on the problems you face. Build a relationship with a mentor who will share their outside input. As a result, you’re more likely to maintain your momentum in the face of challenges and find your best outcomes with each passing year. Likewise, if you make a point of offering your unique skillset and wisdom to your peers, they are more likely to want to know your perspective in the future.

Be Their Friend: Professional networking is not a cold business transaction. It’s an exciting exchange of ideas between like-minded people! Meeting with your network should be fun and uplifting. Keep track of their birthdays and call to congratulate them on their successes.

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