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How to Develop Passion for What You Do

Do you wish your work was more fulfilling, both financially and professionally? More and more people are seeking second careers both as a means of expanding their financial security and of satisfying their deeper desire for personal growth. While some of these people may have a specific passion they want to pursue, many of us likely feel unsure what will be a good fit for us.

It is important to remember that passion is something a person develops, not necessarily something you wake up with one morning. Try these four tips when you are searching for more fulfilling career options:

  • Trial Run: In order to find a second career that fits your schedule and your goals, don’t view the additional work you are pursuing as a commitment or obligation you must stick to for the rest of your years. Rather, maintain a mentality of exploration. In order to see if you can grow a passion for a new skill or pursuit, view it initially as time spent learning and practicing. Any time you take, even if you eventually decide it’s not something you can get passionate about, is a valuable learning experience.
  • Give Yourself Enough Time: Be patient with yourself. You may not be very good at your new pursuit at first. This may make it difficult for you to fall in love with what you’re doing. Be kind to yourself and remember that everyone needs time to grow. Be wary of distractions as well. Make time for what you are doing instead of slowing down your progress by letting stressors or social engagements take priority.
  • Maintain Momentum: It can be difficult to stay motivated with anything that takes time. Energize what you are doing by setting small, obtainable goals and making slight variations every time you are doing something new. Even if you have developed a passion for what you are doing, remember that everyone has to get through some less-than-exciting days in life. The elements you are passionate about are still going to be there!
  • But Don’t Overdo It: You want to be dedicated, but you don’t want to burn yourself out, either. Remember that balance breeds creativity and productivity. Take care of your health and give yourself adequate breaks. Friends and peers can be a great source of not only relief, but also valuable support and insight!

With enough time, you may even discover your new passion is something you can turn into your primary pursuit!

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