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How to Become Your Own Boss

Do you have a job that pays the bills, but leaves you feeling trapped or unfulfilled? Thankfully, you do not have to be stuck in any one job for your entire life! In fact, more and more Americans are discovering the empowering freedom that comes from going into business for themselves.

Entrepreneurism is ingrained in our country’s history and identity. While the journey to success is never a straight line, you can take steps to free yourself from your current career and create your own business! If you would like to build a business, these three actions can set you on the path to personal and financial fulfillment: 

Analyze Your Risks: While it may be worthwhile to leave a job that offers little growth or satisfaction, do not take the leap without a safety net! In order to successfully transition into being your own boss, take time to build a financial foundation and flesh out your business model. Otherwise, you risk putting yourself in a financially sticky situation.

Get a sense of all the expenses that you will face in your new career so that you can stride forward with confidence. One option is to start your business and keep your day job as a source of security until your side business is ready to become your main one. Otherwise, you may have unforeseen expenses stalling your progress!

Build Your Network: John Donne said it four centuries ago, and it still rings true today: “No man [or woman] is an island.” You are responsible for the success of your business, but there is absolutely no hope for success without clients to serve! Begin to advertise and promote your services to people as soon as possible so that you can build a healthy client base to fuel your business.

Consider attending events and settings where you think you may be able to offer your assistance and find future clientele. One helpful networking tip: the secret is not to talk all about yourself. Instead, show that you care about the other person and are happy to lend them a hand! While you will always be the captain of your ship, you will also need others to help you maintain smooth sailing. A mentor and a team of skilled people are important to guide you as you work to grow your client list. Finding these people sooner than later will benefit you over the long term.

Set Reachable Goals: Take this process one step at a time. Many people jump to, “I want to make a million dollars!” and often start too big or too quickly. This can make failure or burnout far more likely. Make your dream job obtainable by setting a realistic timeline for yourself. When you make goals that are too large, and then fail to follow through, you set yourself up for doubts and disappointment that could otherwise have been avoided.

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