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How to Prioritize Your Time

You only have so much time each week. How can you make sure you’re moving yourself toward your professional, personal, and financial goals?

When faced with a full schedule and a long list of responsibilities, you will help yourself get organized and tackle the most important tasks first if you:

Identify the Immediate Obligations.

Let time-sensitive matters and deadlines dictate what you prioritize each week. If you find yourself overwhelmed or stretched too thin, communicate your need for more time or assistance to the parties involved. Use organizational tools like calendars and planners to help you stay on top of meetings and deadlines well before they arrive. 

Remember Your Long-Term Goals.

Don’t let your long-term goals fall to the wayside in the interest of the immediate demands of your week. Build time into your schedule to assess your progress on your objectives. Identify small, doable steps that you can take each week to stay on track with your goals for your and your family’s future. 

Adopt Routines.

Routines can help you maintain the habit of knocking out tasks and staying productive. Dedicating blocks of time to specific types of tasks will keep you on top of your priorities, as well as get you into a more productive, focused workflow. Building and sticking to a routine will also help you discipline yourself away from timewasters and procrastination, enabling you instead to take regular, measurable action toward your goals. 

Remember to Incorporate Self-Care.

If you want to improve your ability to make decisions and organize your time, don’t sacrifice your weekly self-care habits. Get enough sleep each night. Eat a balanced diet. You cannot achieve your goals in a timely fashion on an empty tank. Take time each week to tend to your body and unwind; unaddressed stress and unhealthy habits can increase your chances of getting sick or burned out. In the interest of maintaining your productive momentum, prioritize maintaining a balance between your professional goals and personal needs. 

Get Support When Needed.

Having trouble organizing your time? Reach out to a trusted mentor. They likely have tried-and-true tips for how they approach their schedules and knock out their goals. 

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