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Five Way to Improve Your Productivity

There is so much we want to do each day, and only a limited amount of time to get everything done! In order to achieve our professional, financial, and personal goals as quickly and effectively as possible, having skillful habits in place is key. The following are five ways to improve your productivity:

Reduce Distractions: When we pay attention to multiple things at once, or switch our attention between tasks frequently, we can experience a “switching effect.” Our brains will essentially hold mental residue from the task that came before, which fogs our brain and reduces our ability to focus on the job or problem in front of us. Avoid using distractions as procrastination. For example, improve your ability to focus and work more efficiently by only checking your phone at well-spaced intervals. In addition, try not to work around overly social or disruptive people.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself: While we want to push ourselves to be as productive as possible, this does not mean we should overfill our plates. We all have limits. Focus on taking strategic steps, rather than focusing on getting everything done at once.

Cater to Your Work Style: If you work best in certain environments, try to replicate conditions that support your productivity. Some of us are most productive first thing in the morning, while others have the most mental clarity later in the day. Some people need absolute quiet, while others need background music to work at their best.

Build a Support System: It helps to have someone hold us accountable. Seek the advice of mentors who can recommend ways to improve your productivity. Spend time with friends who understand your goals and give you the support you need to succeed. Avoid those who will distract you from the pursuits in your life most important to you.

Take Care of Yourself: Give yourself quality time to reset after hours of hard work. Take care of your mental and physical health by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep. If we are not in good health, we will not be able to maintain peak performance when it counts.

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