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The Value of Simplicity

Strive to make the most of your time each day, but don’t over-fill your plate! Your brain can only make so many decisions each day before the quality of your thought process declines, an occurrence known as “decision fatigue.” In fact, if you want to maximize your productivity, networking potential, and earning power, be wary of “overdoing it” in any area of your life: don’t buy too much stuff, do not spend too much of your money, commit to more meetings than you have time for, or try to take on multiple tasks at once. 

You’ll set yourself up to work and think as clearly and efficiently as possible each day if you embrace simplicity in your personal habits and professional approach. Some of the best ways to focus your time and energy, to the benefit of your business and sanity, are to: 

Keep Your Messaging Simple.

Practice clear communication. Keep your correspondences short and to-the-point. Your clients are busy; in the interest of everyone’s time, communicate as concisely as possible. People tend to remember the first and last things they hear; so speak and write to new and potential clients strategically. 

Assess Your Desk; Get Rid of Mess!

Visual and audio distractions can impact the quality of your work. Ask yourself if everything at your desk is necessary and beneficial to you. While photos of your loved ones and plants are motivating and healthy, stacks of disorganized papers and boxes are not. In the interest of your daily productivity, strive to keep your workspace as clutter-free and neat as possible.

Streamline Your Time.

If you want to succeed, focus your time and space as much as possible. Key in on the goals and responsibilities that matter the most to you and your business. Block similar tasks together in your schedule. While multi-tasking may feel productive, don’t do it! Frequently switching between tasks has shown to increase people’s tendency to break their focus and become distracted. “Cobwebs” from the prior task can impede your brain’s ability to focus on immediate needs. You’ll do your brain a favor if you group similar tasks together. Doing so will enable you to get into a more productive flow. Likewise, make sure that you dedicate time each week to self-care habits that nurture your physical and mental health. Prioritizing your health will help you think and feel like your best self. 

Simplify Your Budget. 

Overspending can derail your goals and weaken your financial foundation. If you want to build a strong business, practice financial discipline whenever you can. Stick to your spending budget each day. Strive to buy only what you need. Be wary of payday loans and credit card spending. Focus on boosting your income, not depleting it!

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