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How to Get More from a Conversation

A meaningful interaction can make all the difference; how can you make tomorrow’s conversations count?

When you’re building a business, your ability to navigate conversations can help you both grow your network and improve your professional effectiveness. 

Strive to get the most out of each conversation! You’ll set yourself up to have quality, beneficial conversations with clients, peers, and mentors if you: 


Instead of fixating on what you should say in a conversation, open your ears to what people around you are saying. Pay attention; practice active listening. If you respond to what others have to say, they’ll see that you appreciate them and their ideas. 

Ask Questions. 

Showing curiosity will help you get to know people better. Get a sense of their interests and goals; you may realize that you can potentially offer your services to help them achieve their long- and short-term goals. Likewise, asking questions is a great way to learn more from the experienced, accomplished people you meet! 

Offer Your Support.

Approach people with the mindset of finding out what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Extend a message of support whenever possible. Celebrate people’s successes. Allow them to vent and share their concerns when needed. People appreciate it when others are willing to take the time to not only listen but also extend their warmth and empathy. When appropriate, let people know about your services and the value you can add to their lives, now and in the future.

Make It Easy to Get in Touch.

Before the end of your conversations, let people know how they can connect with you. Options like email, text, and video calls can make you more easily accessible to potential clients than ever! 

Follow Up. 

Life can get busy. After you have a good conversation with someone, follow up. Even a quick hello and check-in can help people remember you and your services. 

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