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Three Ways to Get More Done This Week

Transform your week from a dizzying carousel of moving parts into a clear path of specific, achievable steps. Increase your productivity and reel in your growing list of tasks by adopting these three easy but effective habits:

Make a List: Don’t hold your long list of to-dos’ in your head! Create a list or file where you track the goals that you have for the week. Once you know what you want to accomplish, you can break down the goal into achievable steps. Strike a balance between the necessities of your week and your long-term financial and professional goals. You take yourself one step closer to your long-term goals with every weekly plan you make! A list will also help you identify the tasks that you keep pushing back: these tasks are likely ones that you can knock out in a well-placed power hour, which brings us to the next step.

Set a Power Hour: The demands of the week can take over our days before we know it. Designate an hour each weekend to accomplish the tasks you were unable to get to during the week. This may be one task that needs your attention, or several smaller tasks that carry you toward a greater goal. A power hour is a proven way to tackle the doable tasks that will keep up your productive momentum.

Break Up Your Productivity Time: If a targeted hour does not fit easily into your schedule, consider breaking your catch-up hour into intervals. For example, you could tackle your tasks in fifteen-minute windows from Monday to Friday. Focus on doable steps and actions that you can take immediately. Completing the smallest task, such as an email or a bank deposit, can make a major difference on your path to success!

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