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How to Follow Through on a Plan

Have you ever created a plan but struggled to take steps that move it forward? 

If you find yourself unable to follow through on your plans to improve your financial and professional life, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs have struggled to push themselves to achieve their goals! 

You’ll improve your ability to see your plans through to fruition if you:

Set Up Realistic Steps for Yourself. 

Many people tend to avoid tasks that they find daunting or intimidating. Remind yourself that every major achievement is the result of a combination of smaller steps taken over time. When setting your goals, incorporate realistic, doable steps. Make each step specific and tangible. Give yourself a realistic timeline. Track your progress! If you haven’t completed enough steps in your intended timeframe, you may want to consider either adjusting your plan or improving your daily habits.

Don’t Let Stress Stop You. 

Responsibilities at work and at home can understandably add stress to anyone’s life. It’s important to keep in mind that learning to accept and work with your stress is very different than ignoring it! If you let stress build up, you run the risk of eventually burning out, risking both your health and your professional performance. Take time each day to identify and deal with your stress. Healthy habits like exercising and maintaining a balanced diet will help you deal with stress more effectively during the week. If you’re not keeping yourself healthy, stress is more likely to prevent you from making wise decisions (or from taking action at all!).

Get Support.

When you have questions, ask! If you’re unsure what steps to take next, reach out to someone who’s more experienced. Consult with a trusted mentor. You’re not the first person to seek success in your field; your mentors can guide you along the path. Having someone to check in with you and hold you accountable will help you improve your commitment and follow-through.

Don’t Give up. 

It takes time to see progress with any endeavor. Follow-through requires dedication, as well as flexibility. You may need to adapt your plans; you may need to adapt your daily habits! Be open to changing how you spend your time in the interest of improving yourself and becoming more productive. If your first attempt doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean you should give up entirely! Turn to a mentor for motivation and guidance as you keep going.

Long-term success takes daily commitment. We are here to help you succeed and grow with every step of your professional journey! 

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