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The Value of Worthwhile Challenges

When it comes to pursuing your own success, don’t take the easy path. If you pursue important challenges, you will grow into the most productive, impactful professional you can be.

What challenges are worthy of your time and energy? Challenges that help you and your business grow are worthwhile! Taking on tough, unfamiliar situations can help you:

Expand Your Skillset. 

Look for opportunities to push yourself. New settings and situations are often opportunities to learn new skills (or strengthen your old ones!). Step outside of your comfort zone to try potentially challenging hobbies, classes, and events. If you challenge yourself to attend a new professional event this month, for example, you may find yourself learning valuable lessons and making lifelong connections.

Find New Methods of Problem Solving. 

Don’t shy away from challenges. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Growth often comes from friction; keep trying to solve the problem at hand, even if the process is tough or the outcome is uncertain. Learning how to deal with a new type of challenge can help you solve similar problems more effectively down the road. When in doubt, an experienced mentor can likely recommend methods that have helped them tackle their own similar challenges. 

Improve Your Stress Management. 

Challenging situations can understandably trigger your stress response. Push yourself to take on the stressful situation, but also stay mindful of your mindset, posture, and work habits throughout the process. Remember, it’s okay to take breaks to refresh yourself before diving back into a particularly tough problem or task. The more often you practice stress management, the calmer and more productive you will become. 

Improve Your Communication Skills. 

Keep in mind that sometimes you will be able to take on a challenge on your own, while others may require some teamwork to solve! When you are stuck or struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out to a trusted mentor or member of your support network. They can help you work through difficult situations, reduce unwanted challenges in your life, and identify which professional pursuits will be worth your effort. 

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