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Communication Tips to Try This Week

High-quality communication will help your business stand out from the crowd. 

A professional who communicates clearly and respectfully demonstrates a commitment to accuracy and details. When you practice high-quality communication with your peers and clients, you convey that your skills and services are also top tier.

You will demonstrate your respect for your clients and bolster a high-quality reputation for your business if you:

Don’t Rush When Communicating. 

Instead of instantly responding to people out of habit, take a moment to think about what to say. Likewise, be mindful of how you communicate your message. The quality of your communication represents the overall quality of your business. Whether speaking to someone or writing them a message, don’t rush. While you want to use your time efficiently, rushing to communicate can lead to mistakes and misunderstandings. Make sure that you always double-check your written correspondences. Speaking more slowly in general will also help others take in your information more accurately and effectively.

Stay Mindful of Your Eye Contact. 

Look people in the eye when speaking to them, as well as when they are speaking to you. Eye contact demonstrates that you are interested and paying attention. If you’re communicating with someone via video, try to keep your eyes on your screen and camera; diverting your eyeline away can make it seem as if you’re distracted or disinterested.

Accommodate Your Audience. 

Always practice active listening; this will help you learn what information and services will best meet your clients’ needs. Be flexible; if people need to speak via video or prefer a traditional phone call, work with their needs. Make yourself available and accessible to your clients during your working hours. 

Practice Communicating. 

Would you like to become a better communicator? Practice speaking and networking with a trusted peer or mentor. They can help you overcome any anxiety you may feel toward phone calls, public speaking, or writing emails. Your mentors can help you troubleshoot the areas where you can improve. The more time you spend meeting with people, listening to their needs, and sharing your services with them, the better you will become.  

Communication is key to professional success. More tips for writing and speaking effectively are available on the Syncis Money Blog today.