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Financial Growth: Where to Start?

Whether you simply want to move your financial growth in a particular direction, control your spending, or get out of debt, you might be asking yourself: Where do I start? Here are four ways you can begin the process of getting your finances under control:

  • Open Another Account: If you keep all your money in one account, you run a much higher risk of spending it, which means you’re limiting the ways you can save. Consider opening a new account into which you will automatically transfer a portion of your paycheck each month. While saving may feel tedious, this regular habit is the secret to financial security!
  • Put Down the Plastic: If you are in more debt than you can afford to pay off at the end of each month, pause your credit card use. Every cent counts when you’re trying to get your finances under control; you don’t want to lose any more money to interest!
  • Track Your Spending: Over the course of one month, keep all your receipts, and maintain a roster of your cash purchases. Sit down and assess your spending habits. Is there a non-necessity item or habit you can identify, and perhaps cut out in the future? As you begin to get your spending under control, you might breathe a sigh of relief as you feel your emergencies turn into affordability!

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