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What’s the Secret to Affordable Travel?

Before you jet set to a tropical hot spot, take pause. You don’t want your destination to deplete your savings. So how can you get away from it all, but still stay on-track for the years to come?

Think outside the box. Or rather, in the box. Transportation is the largest expense of most vacations. So, before you fly to a faraway destination, consider keeping your next vacation stateside!

With careful planning and research, you can easily find an appealing, affordable destination to explore. To determine your budget, make a list of expenses, in addition to travel: how much will you spend on lodging, food, and entertainment?

Here are amazing vacation spots within the continental United States:

  • If warm is what you want, Florida’s Daytona Beach and Key West offer not only sunny fishing and relaxation, but also lively restaurant scenes within a convenient walking distance.
  • For hiking, biking, paddling, and enjoying folk music festivals, Bangor, Maine is the city for you.
  • Austin, Texas is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” as well as the city with the slogan “Keep Austin Weird.”
  • The Adirondacks, Yellowstone National Park, and Yosemite National Park are three places where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes at an appealing price.
  • New Orleans, Charleston, Nashville, and Kentucky offer affordable access to beautiful, historical American cities.
  • Portland and Seattle are well-loved for their efficient public transportation, stunning scenery, and vibrant food scenes.

Mindful planning will be worth your effort. You deserve a relaxing, enriching vacation without increasing monetary stress down the road.