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Ways to Overcome Stress

A tough day, a financial emergency, or a long list of seemingly endless obligations can fill anybody with waves of stress. Thankfully, you don’t have to let these difficult moments paralyze you! Restore your sense of calm and ability to take clear-eyed action by following these three mindful steps:

The Positive Present You Deserve: When stress threatens to make you sick to your stomach, remember that no matter your situation, you deserve to be happy in your present moment. Take care of yourself and pay attention to the way your body feels when you are stressed. The way we feel right now directly impacts our well-being. Headaches, pain, and tension can all be signs of our internal stress. The habit of pausing to breathe deeply when you feel stressed is an effective way to relieve this tension. It will take practice and effort to see solutions in a sea of stress, but when we learn to take control of our present, we enable ourselves to move forward as efficiently as possible toward stress-relieving solutions.

Have Faith in Yourself: Help restore your sense of calm in the face of stress by reminding yourself that you can and will solve the problem at hand. In order to have that faith, you will need to make a habit of attacking and solving problems that present themselves to you. Improve your problem-solving skills by exposing yourself to different ways of thinking in the form of mentorship and constant learning.

Be Prepared: Enable yourself to nip stress in the bud by anticipating and preparing for the wide array of financial and professional stressors you face. Keep an organized calendar, take care of yourself with regular exercise, protect yourself with an appropriate combination of insurance policies, and save enough money to cover at least one month’s expenses. Set up as many safety nets as possible to take the sting out of any stressor

Combat stress by setting yourself up for success. Always believe that you’ll be able to solve any problem you face with deliberate, dedicated steps. Learn more ways to achieve success and reduce financial stress at