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Four Ways Mentorship Will Improve Your Leadership Skills

When you’re on the journey to success, developing strong leadership skills is essential. But becoming a skillful leader isn’t easy. Fortunately, with the help of a mentor, becoming a strong leader is possible for nearly everyone. He or she can teach you strategies developed through trial and error. The following are four ways a mentor will help you achieve long-term success:

Know When to Lead and When to Follow: It is perfectly okay to not have all the answers! Being a great leader doesn’t require you to always be the smartest person in the room. Watch out for the need to have the last word or be an expert on every subject. A person who is truly wise acknowledges where their own knowledge falls short and where outside expertise will be most beneficial. A mentor will help you determine how to best leverage your strengths and in what areas you require additional support.

Pace Yourself: Steady, measured steps will take you farther than an overly aggressive, fast-paced approach. You will benefit more from planning ahead and adjusting as you go, rather than pushing for a series of quick actions. Your mentor can help you set the pace. He or she will evaluate your progress and assess whether you’re rushing to meet your goals rather than taking careful action to accomplish your greatest objectives.

Learn When to Walk Away: A mentor can help you identify what is truly important in your personal and professional pursuits. Mentors can help you gain perspective of which problems you can tackle and which you need to walk away from. A mentor can also help you manage your time effectively so that you can maintain focus as well as balance in your life.

Stay Motivated: Achieving big goals isn’t easy. And you’ll definitely hit many roadblocks throughout your professional journey. Unfortunately, too many otherwise well-intentioned entrepreneurs give up when success is right around the corner. A mentor will provide the support you need to navigate the ups and downs along your career path. Based on his or her experience solving big problems, your mentor will provide you the guidance and insight you need to overcome obstacles that could otherwise seem insurmountable.

As the poet John Donne once wrote, no man (or woman) is an island. You open yourself up to success when you open yourself up to other people. Learn more ways to lead and learn at