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Is Life a Competition?

As we work toward our goals, it can be tempting to compare our success with those around us. If you see others’ professional or financial achievements and feel pressure to surpass their success, take pause. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the feeling that you are in a competition with those around you. The only person we are truly in competition with is ourselves: we must push ourselves to overcome our bad habits and to be our best, most productive self. This alone is a challenge that deserves our daily focus!

While the desire for personal excellence can be a beneficial trait, the desire to “win” or follow the paths of our peers can distract us and take energy from our pursuits. You are not your neighbor; your path is not your neighbor’s path. 

Can’t shake this sneaking feeling that you’re in a race, and that at any moment, you might fall behind? Relax, and try these four ways to redirect your energy toward your own success: 

Appreciate Who YOU Are: Our desire to be someone else or have what someone else has does not necessarily translate to our own success. Enable yourself to follow your unique path to success by recognizing what makes you and your accomplishments unique. As you accomplish goals and grow, make a daily habit of acknowledging to yourself the time and effort you have put in. Take pride in finding success in what satisfies your skills and passions. Your hard work and unique abilities are what will earn you your success, not the accomplishments of those around you.  

Appreciate What You Have: Another part of staying focused and ignoring the temptation to feel competitive is to appreciate what is already a part of your life. Instead of wishing for what could be, look up and feel thankful for what you have around you. This applies to material pursuits as well as your relationships.

Compete Against Yourself: Aspiring to improve your material possessions or relationships may motivate you to work hard. But focus on how these will improve your life, rather than comparing what you have (or don’t have) with others. “Keeping up with the Joneses,” is an endless competition that will not necessarily make you any happier.

Set Yourself up for YOUR Best Success: Push yourself to find enjoyment in being true to yourself. Instead of looking wistfully at your neighbor, keep your eyes open and on your own path. You don’t want to miss a great opportunity because you’re too distracted wondering what others are doing! There is a joy in pursuing what you do best. This satisfaction is far greater than out-earning or out-doing your neighbor.

If someone around you wins, this does not mean you lose. Each of our lives will be full of lessons and successes, experienced at a different pace and in a different order. To learn more ways to find your own path to success and security, visit the Syncis blog at www.syncis.com/blog.