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The Secret to Accomplishing Your Goals

Are you struggling to make progress with your goals? Whether you’re developing a new habit, striving to grow professionally or building financially security, there are countless ways to achieve your goals. But often the hardest part of following any strategy is the first step: Actually moving forward with your goal! If you know you need to create change in your life, but are struggling to do so, follow these tips to get you started on your journey of personal or professional transformation:

Focus on Right Now Rather than the Future: You may spend time fantasizing about your dream career, or the new car you want to save up for. You may imagine yourself with this career and imagine all the steps you can take to get there. However, unless you take the first step toward your goal, your dream will never become a reality. Focus on finding what first step you need to take to begin your journey. And just concentrate on that step rather than dwelling on the rest. When you begin worrying about steps two and three, for instance, remember that you can’t see the future. It is highly likely that each step we take will create opportunities we never thought possible. In order to make the decisions right for you and the progress you want to make, focus on what you can actually see: the step right in front of you.

Get Help: If your goals seem out-of-reach or the amount of work you need to do seems daunting, you are not alone. In today’s vast world of options, many Americans feel paralyzed on their path to success. It is important not to get fixated on the all possibilities around you. Seek the advice of a professional peer or mentor who can help you narrow your sights to what matters: taking action as soon as possible.

Take Reasonable Steps: The first step you take toward goal achievement doesn’t need to be groundbreaking. You don’t need to make major change, nor do you need to reinvent the wheel. A step may be a simple action, or it may be a large, brave stride. For instance, some goals will take a daily dedication to saving. If your goal is financial security, the first step may be the creation of a budget. With any goal, if you focus on taking doable steps, you are much more likely to make progress than if you think every step is a big and scary leap.

Adjust as You Go: Some people take comfort in creating an action plan from steps A to Z. You are welcome to do this, but considering what you’ve read so far, your steps will likely change along the way as you enter new settings and see new opportunities. By focusing on one step at a time, we enable ourselves to make the decisions that make the most sense in the moment, instead of feeling tied to plans we made months ago at our kitchen table.

No matter what your goal is, breaking down your journey into smaller steps is essential. Once you’ve determined the necessary steps, it’s time to take action. By focusing on right now, getting help when you require it, taking reasonable steps, and adjusting as you go, personal or professional transformation is in your hands! Learn more ways to make a change at