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Ready to Make Your Business More Profitable? Get Connected!

As hard as you work, your business won’t succeed unless you prioritize one important ingredient: other people! 

If you want to grow your business and increase its profitability, take time to connect with your clients, as well as your support network. 

You will make stronger, longer-lasting professional connections with potential and existing clients if you: 

Ask Questions. 

Get to know the people you meet. Take time to learn about their goals and experiences. The better you know your peers and mentors, once they become your clients, you will be ready to tailor your services to them, leaving them more satisfied (and likely to refer their friends to you!).

Listen Closely. 

Pay attention when others are speaking. Staying present and listening will enable you to remember people’s names more easily, as well as help you recall past conversations when you see them again. Everyone appreciates when you remember them! By demonstrating you have a good memory you increase people’s faith in you and your business. If you struggle to remember new names, make a point of adopting your preferred mnemonic device when you first hear someone’s name. Many people find success associating a person’s appearance or personal life with their name, such as “Jerry the jogger.”

Keep in Touch.

Life can get busy! Calling, emailing, or even snail mailing your new, old, and potential clients periodically will remind them that you are available to them and their friends whenever they need you. Likewise, keep in touch with your support network throughout the year. They can help you refuel and keep on track, as well as find new potential opportunities to share your services.

Learn from Your Mentor.

Don’t try to find success all on your own; learn from those who have already traveled the path to excellence. The skills and habits you learn from your mentors can help you grow personally and professionally, enabling you to offer higher-quality, more competitive services.

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