New Year, Same Financial Goals?


Now is the time to stop and assess your financial plans for 2017. Are you meeting your long-term financial plans? Where have you made progress, and where do you need to make course corrections?

Here are four financial elements to reflect on in order to assess your readiness to accomplish short- and long-term goals:

  • Spending Habits: Have you been staying on-budget? If you are in debt, have you reeled in your credit card spending? Are you working on paying down whichever of your bills is gathering the highest interest? Be sure to be diligent and not spend more than you make.
  • Are You Prepared?: Have you started saving for an emergency fund? If you lost your job, or wound up in the hospital, would you be covered? To be better prepared for the unforeseen, invest in health, life, liability, and disability insurance.
  • Asset Accumulation: If you are properly protected, and feel you have a strong understanding of concepts like inflation and market risk, you may be ready to put money aside for retirement or other large financial goals. Consider automating passive income and increasing the amount you save.
  • Time to Protect Your Legacy: If you feel like you are in a in solid financial shape, this may be the year to get a will and take steps to preserve your hard work for your family and your future.

As we assess our financial achievements and the path ahead, we can all benefit from one change in particular: saving more money. If you want to learn more about improving your financial life, visit Syncis at