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Inflation: What Do I Do About Major Expenses?

Are high prices making certain purchases feel out of reach right now? Necessities like computers, mattresses, cars, and bikes become more expensive with each passing year! So how can you afford to make these purchases without going into debt? 

You will enable yourself to afford your larger necessary purchases (and maintain your financial stability!) if you: 

Do Your Research: Never buy something on a whim or in a rush, especially if it is particularly high cost. You don’t want to end up overpaying for a poor-quality product. Make sure you are buying the right product for YOU, as well as the best-quality item you can. In other words, gather information on the product or service you are considering purchasing. Research comparable items and vendors. Your homework may also help you discover a high-quality, more affordable option along the way!

Set a Savings Goal: Your research will help you form an accurate sense of what you might need to pay for your purchase. Once you know the amount, estimate (realistically) how long it will take you to save as much as you comfortably can each month toward this goal. Then, start saving! Hold yourself to your goal over time. If you are going to devote time and energy to anything, make sure you are prioritizing your needs separately from your wants. For example, you don’t want to jeopardize your health, financial security, or sanity in the pursuit of a new sportscar or luxury-designer handbag. 

Use a Budget: Your budget is your friend. Prudent planning will help you keep track of your bills while you save up for your target purchase. In the act of making and re-assessing your budget, you may realize you can comfortably trade some of your reward-spending habits for saving-friendly habits instead! Many people have confirmed that the ability to afford major purchases outweighs the temporary good feelings that come with smaller, less necessary splurge purchases. 

Build Your Emergency Fund First: Before considering any major purchases, make sure you have sufficient funds to carry you through a crisis. An emergency fund will enable you to continue saving up for your goal without the potential interruption of emergency expenditures.

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