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How to Stand Out from the Crowd

You do not necessarily have to be an extrovert, use a bullhorn, or spend all your money to draw people’s attention to your business and what it has to offer. You simply have to have a positive presence

Make your presence known the right way, right now by:  

Making Yourself Visible: If people do not see you or know about you, they cannot reach out to you for your services. Make sure that you make yourself accessible to people. Promote your services to potential clients whenever possible. Similarly, attend events and find opportunities where you can meet other professionals in your field. Put yourself out there! You never know whom you will meet and add to your support network. Not sure how to increase your visibility? Reach out to your mentor. They can share tips for how they have made themselves known to potential clients. 

Being Honest: Be true to yourself and play to your strengths. Need help identifying your strengths? Pursue objective and trusted input. A mentor can be an excellent source of insight into your strengths. Seek success in places that cater to your schedule, your mental health, and your personal goals for the future.

Setting an Example: Another way to develop a presence is to behave in a way that others will want to follow. Practice the habits that you would recommend to your clients and customers. Your consistency and dedication to your beliefs and services will create a set of noticeable examples others will be tempted to emulate. 

Having Confidence in Yourself: Belief in yourself shows. It may sound simple, but entering a room with confidence can go a long way to establish your presence. Your body language matters. An upright posture versus slouching, a skillful eye contact, and a warm smile leave a positive impression. Confidence in your expertise and a positive attitude will draw people in. You have worked hard to get where you are today, so hold your head high and feel great about yourself!

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