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How to Make Your Appearance More Professional

You represent your business not only with your actions but also with your appearance!

If you stay mindful of how you look and speak, you will come across as the organized, respectful individual you are. 

You will make a positive impression in your professional spheres if you: 

Dress Appropriately for Each Setting. 

Meeting with a client in person? Dress professionally! Meeting with someone via a video meeting? You should still dress the part, but you may be able to get away with some fuzzy slippers.

Stay Odor Conscious. 

Fresh breath and physical cleanliness will make professional interactions go more smoothly, especially if you are working in close quarters with other people. For example, coffee, a go-to drink for many, can also unfortunately leave unpleasant bad breath! Mints, a to-go deodorant, and plenty of water to drink will help you feel fresh and approachable all day long.

Care for Your Hands. 

If you ever need to shake hands, handle paperwork, or interact with other people in a professional setting, you will likely benefit from putting a little bit of TLC into your hands. Keep your nails neat. Be mindful of your skin texture: dry, rough skin may be a sign that you would benefit from drinking water and applying moisturizing lotion. A handshake is an extension of your personality. The effort you put into the care of your hands will help convey that you are a professional who attends to details in all matters.

Keep Your Space Professional. 

An overly cluttered desk or a messy background over video conferencing can send the wrong message. Strive to get organized! Push yourself to stay committed to a system that helps you keep your workspace neat and efficient.

Keep Your Communication Professional.

Edit emails at least once before sending them. If you are unsure about your message, have a trusted person proofread it before you hit send. Likewise, make sure your voicemail message is clear and professional sounding. Don’t be afraid to rehearse your message before making your call; record it and, if necessary, delete and re-record it. In general, stay committed to clear, calm, and confident communication in any professional setting. Your clients and connections alike will appreciate your demeanor and dedication to respectful discourse. Professional communication will greatly increase the likelihood that people will want to work with you again and again.  Ready to maximize your potential? We are here to help. More ways to build your business and achieve your goals are available at the Syncis Money Blog today.