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How to Make a Good First Impression

You only get a few chances to leave a positive impression on your clients; make your first impressions count!

You’ll set yourself up for success if you:

Give a Positive Impression.

Your demeanor and word choice matter when meeting people for the first time. If you want people to choose you and your services down the line, approach people in a friendly and respectful fashion. Smile and make eye contact. Strike the balance between warm and formal. If you’re too casual, people may think you’re unprofessional. But if you’re too serious, people may think you’re unapproachable or aloof. Take time to get to know new people for who they are. Life is stressful enough as it is; if you come across as a negative or high-stress person, potential clients will be less likely to choose you and your services. When you’re friendly, you convey that you are easy and enjoyable to work with. 

Pay Attention.

Listen to what people say to you, new and old clients alike. When you put in the effort to remember what people have said, it demonstrates that you have the ability and willingness to see people on an individual level. Make a point of remembering people’s names when you meet them! If you struggle to recall names, find a mnemonic method that works for you, such as associating people’s names with an element of their appearance or personality. 

Are Ready.

Be prepared to succinctly describe your business and professional background. If you struggle with pitches and first impressions, practice your presentation until you’ve mastered it. After all, potential clients could interpret communication flubs as a lack of confidence or ability; the calmer and more confident you are, the more likely you are to bring people into your network. Likewise, be ready to answer any questions that potential clients may have about you and your business.

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