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How to Get What You Want (Really!)

Is there something you want with all your heart, but aren’t sure exactly how you’re going to achieve it? While you may be out of luck with TV stardom or winning the lottery, many of your other aspirations are achievable with time and dedication. Once you have identified your goal, consider adding these three actions to your plan of attack:

  • Maintain an Open Mind: You’re determined to become the top-performing Employee of the Month. As a result, you worked your hardest the past few weeks. Meanwhile, your coworker Sylvia DID have an amazing sales sweep with her clients last week. While you didn’t win this time around, you still want to become the best, so you decide to talk to not only your manager but also to Sylvia about what methods made them more effective with clients. By maintaining an open mind and continually learning from others, you’ve learned new ways to improve your communication and listening skills. You persisted, and before you know it, your name goes on the wall!
  • Don’t Give Up: You have a great product and service to offer, but have trouble generating interest. You’ve improved your marketing strategy, but you still aren’t seeing the profits you need. Whether you have to struggle to nail a particular project, or to get a project off the ground, bring yourself back to the drawing board. Entrepreneurs rarely succeed on their first try. What often separates successful self-starters from others is the motivation to keep going. Persist and continue pursuing your goal!
  • Give Yourself Time: Getting from where you are now to where you want to be may require slow, deliberate steps. Follow a winning formula and resist the temptation to take shortcuts. Thankfully, by following a proven strategy, you can look forward to achieving your goals sooner than otherwise possible.

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