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How to Be a Team Player

We can achieve more when we work together with others.

Building a business takes hours of personal dedication and hard work. At the same time, you’ll be in many situations where working with a team will push you to high achievement faster than on your own! 

Working well with others can affect both the experience and efficiency of yourself and your team. You will be a better team player and a more productive professional overall if you:


Teamwork is when multiple people come together to achieve an objective. When you’re part of a team, be open to your teammates’ ideas and input. Let the members of the group contribute; practice active listening when others speak. To do so requires paying attention. In other words, listen without constantly looking at your smartphone or other digital distractions.  

Communicate Clearly. 

You and your teammates only have so much time each day. Therefore, keep your written and spoken communications clear and to the point. If your conversation or messages are too long, you run the risk of distracting or confusing your teammates. Maintaining clear communication will guarantee that you and your team are on the same page.

Stay Respectful.

While building a business can be stressful, don’t let anxiety or strong emotions get the better of you. When you are too emotional or “blow up” at your teammates, you can compromise your trust with them and portray yourself as someone with poor self-control. In the interest of establishing and maintaining long-term professional connections, practice respectful communication with clients and colleagues alike. Instead of giving in to stress or frustration in the moment, focus on the quality of your work and your own responsibilities. 

Get Support When Needed.

You are not in this alone: your team is there when you need them! When a task falls outside your skillset, turn to the appropriate member of your team or support network. This will help you and your business stay time efficient. 

Learn from the Best.

If you want to be a good teammate, spend time with your trusted mentors. They have well-tested insights that will help you work better with any team. You may learn a few conflict resolution tips or communication tactics you’ve never tried before! 

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