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The Art of Collaboration

Teaming with other people is an art. Whether you’re working with a client or a colleague, it’s important to put in maximum effort when collaborating. 

When you work with a team, you increase your likelihood of success; the guidance, effort, and insight of the people around you can help you identify issues, present solutions, and carry your business toward your goals. 

If you want to be an effective collaborator, take the following steps when working with others: 

Communicate Clearly. 

Don’t leave room for confusion or misunderstanding when communicating with your team; keep your messaging simple, straightforward, and easy to follow. If you use too many words or present ideas that distract from the message or objective, you run the risk of confusing your collaborators. Keep your team on the same page with your objectives, plan of attack, and preferred outcomes.   


You’re not the only one with good ideas! Be open to what others have to contribute to the process. Hear out the ideas in the room before you decide how to move forward. Synthesizing, adopting, and tweaking plans can lead to better processes and outcomes for you, your team, and your business. Likewise, when working with your clients, pay attention to their goals and demands. The more you listen, the more ready you will be to respond to your clients’ needs. 

Ask Questions.

Don’t be afraid to admit when you have room to grow! If you’re uncertain about a particular suggestion or option, ask questions. Clarify what your peers and clients say to you. If you see that you can learn from a person and their expertise, don’t be afraid to pursue their mentorship. 

Be Patient. 

You can’t always rush results. When working with others, practice patience. Do your best to keep your personal emotions at bay; strive to stay calm, respectful, and productive. You and your collaborators may not find the solution right away. However, if you’re dedicated and persevere, you can overcome issues, adapt, and lead your collaborators and business to success.

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