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How to Avoid Business-Killing Digital Overload

The road to building a successful business is paved with many distractions. Maintaining razor-sharp focus and having great tools are essential to high achievement. Advances in today’s tech enable people to be more productive and connected than ever. But as useful as our devices are, it is also possible to overdo it on our digital dose for the day! The consequence can be distraction and burnout—both of which are catastrophic for your business. 

If you are feeling overworked, getting headaches, or feeling an urge to disconnect completely, assess how often you interface with a screen. Make sure the time you spend online is focused on moving you toward, rather than keeping you from, your ambitious goals. If you’re overusing your tech, and in particular wasting precious time on non-essential tasks, you can exhaust your mind, eyes, and the rest of your body!

You can avoid the negative repercussions of tech use if you: 

Focus, Don’t Multitask: Try to avoid switching frequently between devices and tasks. Studies show that multi-tasking is in fact bad for the brain. You may feel like you are being productive, but you are actually tiring out and clogging up your mind! Multi-tasking saps valuable mental bandwidth, making it increasingly difficult for you to focus. 

Schedule Your Digital Day: Your devices are highly useful tools. Use them to your advantage, instead of allowing them to drag you around all day! You will experience less stress if you designate time throughout your day to use your devices, instead of reaching for your phone, computer, or television remote willy-nilly. Tackle certain tasks during blocked-out times of the day. Plan when you will respond to emails, make calls, and attend to other necessary tasks. Time-blocking will help you track your screen use, as well as keep on top of all your responsibilities. 

Don’t Overconsume: If your job requires you to spend a lot of time in front of a screen, consider taking a digital break in your free time. Sore eyes, headaches, or other body pains may be indicators that you would benefit from more time away from your devices! Monitor how often you socialize on digital platforms or spend time searching the internet for entertainment. Your mind and body will thank you if you take time away from your digital media to be present with yourself, your home, and those who matter most to you.

Focus and balance invite long-term business success. Otherwise, you run the risk of business-killing distraction and burnout. Find more ways to keep things in balance at the Syncis Money Blog