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Leaders Can Make Mistakes Too!

No matter how experienced, caffeinated, or focused you are, you can still make mistakes. The way you respond in the face of mistakes and poor decisions makes a major difference in how your team and clients approach working with you in the future. 

How can you move forward from mistakes smoothly and effectively? 

Good leaders make sure they: 

Own Up to Mistakes.

While you don’t need to take responsibility for how your business fares against market forces beyond your control, you should take responsibility for your own mistakes. Don’t try to pass off blame. Reflect on where you have erred, where you can improve, and how you can avoid similar mistakes in the future. 

Listen to (Good) Advice and Feedback.

When people you respect and trust mention areas where you could improve, listen. Looking for a reliable source of feedback? Consult with a mentor. Your mentor can provide an experienced, outside perspective. Their insight can enable you to learn from and avoid repeating your mistakes. They may suggest you adopt new processes or try a new method of approaching your goals altogether.

Prepare for Mistakes. 

Failure is an unavoidable part of striving for success. Help yourself grow and take mistakes in stride by expanding your skillset, staying humble, and working with your team to create plans that enable you to correct and pivot when mistakes do occur. 

Don’t Rush toward Solutions. 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when we make mistakes. While it is natural to feel strong emotions during difficult periods, take time to keep yourself healthy and relaxed. Stress can lead to poor decision-making, especially if you are pushing yourself to act faster than necessary. Rational thinking and effective problem-solving require emotional control. Take time to pause and breathe. Get some exercise. If you are struggling to remain objective, talk to a trusted friend or mentor. 

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