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Four Ways to Make Time in Your Schedule

Do you have tasks you can’t wait to get done, but simply can’t find the time? The good news is, you may have more time in your schedule than you think! These four steps will help you get a handle on your ever-growing to-do list:

Approach Your Goals Realistically: Break your tasks into doable steps. When you put too much pressure on yourself each week, you are setting yourself up for disappointment that adds unnecessary stress! Overloading your to-do list can make tackling each item more intimidating, thus making it more likely you will procrastinate or talk yourself out of putting forth the necessary effort. Smaller, realistic steps, however, will increase the likelihood you’ll accomplish what you set out to do.

Look for Timewasters: How often do you take a break to read your favorite webpage or check your phone? Probably more than you realize! While our electronic devices are welcome sources of connectivity and a vital part of our professional lives, they can also cut into our productivity, in small chunks at a time! Likewise, assess your habits at work and at home. There may be opportunities to complete regular tasks much more quickly. For example, if you feel rushed in the morning, consider taking steps the night before to set up your coffee maker or make your breakfast. When you wake up the next morning, this will free your mind to tackle other tasks waiting on your to-do list.

Break an Hour into Pieces: You can do a lot in twenty minutes. If you have bills, research, phone calls, or cleaning that you have been putting off, challenge yourself to tackle these tasks in three, twenty-minute sessions, spread out throughout your week. By blocking out “catch-up” time, you will give yourself the mental capacity to take care of any professional or financial tasks that need to be addressed in a timely fashion. You’ll also avoid carrying the persistent worry of “When will I find the time?”

Take Care of Yourself: It may seem counterintuitive that making time to cook healthy meals and work out will open up more time in your schedule, but it actually will! You will feel more clear-headed and more energized throughout your day. As a result, you will be more efficient, both at work and at home. A poor diet and body aches will slow you down. To avoid this, make the most of your time by taking care of your mind and body.

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