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Connecting over Video versus in Person: What’s the Difference?

Whether you meet with your clients and teammates over video, in person, or with a combination of both, you likely have needed to adapt to the unique requirements of each call and conversation. 

Video and in-person meetings each require a slightly different set of skills when it comes to connecting and communicating effectively. 

Some of the key differences between video calls versus in-person meetings include:

How We Maintain Eye Contact

It can be slightly more difficult to convey your interest and respect over video than when speaking in person. Unfortunately, it is easier to look distracted during a video call than you might think. Just as with in-person meetings, you want to keep your eyes on the speaker as much as possible during video calls. Unlike in-person meetings, however, if your eyes do wander, people cannot see what you see. We are limited by what the camera sees. While looking down to read or write notes is perfectly acceptable, try not to look away from your camera and screen too often (unless you are furiously taking notes from your client or mentor, of course!). Practice holding eye contact with your camera. Position your camera so your eye contact mimics that of an in-person meeting. Alternatively, if you feel more accustomed to video meetings, you may want to re-practice maintaining eye contact during in-person conversations. 

How Slowly We Speak 

People have an easier time registering speech when they can see someone’s lips and adequately hear the tone and content of their words. In order to reduce misunderstandings on video calls, speak clearly and slowly. Test your microphone ahead of time. You also will need to be mindful of interruptions in your video calls; you may need to repeat yourself. Speaking slowly will make it easier for you to retrace your steps and complete your message. 

How Casual We Go

It can be tempting to dress more casually for video calls, especially when calling from home. Maintain your professional dress standards in all settings. Likewise, maintain your professional speech habits. Take your calls from a tidy space. A clean office, whether at home or on the go, demonstrates that your professional process is streamlined. 

How We Prepare for In-Person Meetings vs. Video Meetings 

Want to know the secret to a successful video call? Make sure you have strong Wi-Fi prior to your meeting. Definitely test your microphone twice. Have any papers or programs that you will need for your meeting on hand ahead of time (this holds true for both online and in-person meetings!).

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