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Borrowing: Is It The Right Time for a Loan?

With interest rates increasing, it is a good time to revisit the idea of loans and consider whether they make sense for your situation.

A loan refers to money borrowed from a lender, which is often a bank but can also be a private company. While a loan can be an excellent way to make a major financial step, it can also be a major commitment. You will be expected to pay back the borrowed money over an agreed upon period of time, as well as to pay interest on the amount you have borrowed. It is important to seek out and, if necessary, compare the loan options available to you, in order to make sure you are not attaching yourself to what could become a financial burden.

Before you commit to a loan, establish the following four things:

  • The Right Reason: A loan is often a vital and necessary part of buying a home or a car. However, if you are considering taking out a loan to pay for a vacation, groceries, or clothes at a department store, this may be a sign you are facing a greater issue of financial insecurity, or at least a sign you might want to overhaul your spending habits. The bottom line: Be strategic about your reason for taking out a loan.
  • The Interest: Make sure you know what interest rate you are agreeing to. Calculate what your total amount owing will be if you pay only the minimum over a set period of time. This will help motivate you to pay down your borrowed amount as quickly as possible. As a result, you’ll reduce the future sting of interest. Remember, your credit score will in part determine what interest rate you will be eligible for.
  • The Repayment Schedule: Know when your repayment will be due, so that you can budget accordingly and avoid the added cost of late fees and interest accumulation. Healthy borrowing practices are a constant habit.
  • Is Now the Right Time?: If you have a goal of making a major purchase but still don’t feel like you can handle the associated expenses, like interest on the loan, you probably want to give yourself more time before pursuing the purchase and taking out the loan. Set a goal to save and improve your financial security before moving forward. If you want to accelerate your ability to buy your family a home, for example, consider opportunities to cut expenses or to increase your income or both.

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