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Are You Worried What Other People Think About You?

You’re not alone on your path to success. Many people will be happy to help you achieve your dreams, one step at a time! Unfortunately, there is a good chance you will encounter another, more frustrating group of people as well: critics and naysayers. While negativity is nearly anywhere you look, especially with social media, you don’t have to let it get in the way of your success! 

If you feel anxious or intimidated in your work or worry what people are thinking about you at events, you can overcome any concerns you have about outside opinions. Keep the following in mind any time you start to worry about your neighbor’s opinion of you: 

Your Actions Decide Your Future: Remember that other people’s opinions have as much power as you let their words have. Negative feedback can only stop you if you choose to stop trying! If someone has a poor opinion of you, you can decide to find out why, but you also don’t want to lose sleep over it. What truly matters is your daily hard work. Your actions will speak for you. Have faith that the quality of your work and business model will decide your success. 

Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities: When you make a mistake, your first instinct may be to feel embarrassed or imagine that your peers and competitors are thinking you’re a failure. But you are not! Whenever you make a mistake, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” Mistakes teach you how to do better in the future. When you hear a criticism of your work, decide: is there something in this criticism I can use to grow? If not, toss the criticism aside, as well as any negative emotions that may come with it. Imagine you are covered in resolute armor and that negative remarks are tiny pebbles thrown your way. Remember: You have a goal to achieve! 

You Are Strong: You have skills and assets that make you competitive. If you would like to offer a higher quality of service, consider pursuing additional education or training to keep your skills sharp. Remind yourself that you have overcome tough obstacles in the past and are capable of high achievement through discipline and hard work. 

Your Support System Is Here to Help: Don’t be afraid to seek outside support. For every source of negative feedback, turn to your friends, family, and peers to help you. The role of a mentor is priceless when it comes to addressing the biggest challenges in your career. If you don’t have a strong support system, invest time in developing one . . . it’s worth the effort! 

Accomplishment comes through growth and continued effort: while no one is perfect, and it is important to find a healthy relationship with criticism, avoid giving this feedback too much power. 

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