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Adversity Can Be Good for You

An unexpected challenge, unpleasant surprise, or round of bad luck can make anyone want to pull their hair out (or just give up entirely!). Thankfully, these roadblocks on the path to success can be both overcome and beneficial to your mind, emotions, and overall ability to grow personally.

As frustrating as adversity can be, it can also enable you to accomplish what truly matters to you. When something does not go your way, you can empower yourself to change your luck and improve your perspective with these four tips:

Find the Lesson: When something does not go your way, use it as a learning opportunity; reflect on what you can learn, and what you can improve in the future.

Don’t Let Self-Doubt Win: While it is true that anxiety and negative-thinking developed as natural survival-instincts, if you let them claim your mental focus, they can distract you from the success and happiness around you. Dramatically reduce daily stress by adopting a practice of mindful living and thinking.

Check in on your mental and physical state throughout the day. Breathing and meditative exercises can help you become aware of your thoughts and emotions, especially negative ones. The goal of these practices is not necessarily to banish unpleasant or negative thoughts immediately, but to become aware of them and assess why we are feeling them. Once we have given them brief reflection, we can imagine ourselves flushing them away or chucking them out our ears.

Keep Problem Solving: Don’t give up just because one idea didn’t pan out! Keep developing your plan of attack. One setback doesn’t mean that there are no other doors available to you!

You’re Not the Only One: Others have had the same frustrations as you. If you are having trouble finding the light in a situation, consider consulting with someone you respect. By seeking mentorship, you are more likely to find tried-and-true solutions from a trusted source.

Just as friction creates pearls, conflict encourages growth! Learn more ways to embrace your strongest self at the Syncis Money Blog.