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Want More Money Next Year? Challenge Yourself!

You may challenge your body at the gym, or bend your mind with a smartphone game, but have you considered improving your financial life by challenging yourself to save more money than ever?

Every challenge we overcome is rewarding and even exhilarating. In fact, the presence of a challenge in and of itself can give us the extra motivation we need to not just meet a goal, but to exceed it. Here are three ways that pushing yourself above and beyond can be both a fun and effective way to promote positive money habits and overall financial growth:

  • Push Yourself to Save: Create a regular saving schedule to meet a financial goal. Next, challenge yourself to save even more. Or, another way to think about it, can you give yourself the creative task of cutting, let’s say $20, from your budget each week, by reducing impulse purchases and non-necessities?
  • Make It Fun: Get a friendly competition going with your friends or partner to see who can best meet and exceed their savings benchmarks. Plus, you now can seek the advice and support of your money-minded group of “challengers.” If you like playing games, consider a fun financial management app, like SaveUp, which rewards users if they can prove they can save.
  • Seek New Career Opportunities: Challenge yourself to maximize your income-generating power by adding a second career to your plate. You will not only impress yourself with your new time management skills, but your willingness to embark on a new journey and push yourself can also help you earn enough to take you out of debt, into financial security, and beyond.

It takes dedication to spend and save in ways that best benefit our future; some days can be harder than others. But you can surprise yourself with how hard you can work, and what you can achieve!

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