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Turn Stress into Success in Six Steps

Stress is a normal, healthy part of daily life. The pressures and challenges of our day can push us to perform at our best. Unfortunately, if we are not careful, stress can get the better of us!

Prevent burn-out and meltdown by channeling your stress into more helpful, constructive energy with the help of these six tips:

See the World as It Is: Not as you wish it to be! Many people experience stress because their day or their life is not what they want it to be. Instead of setting high, unrealistic expectations and feeling consistently disappointed, view your world as a realist. This is not to say that you should lower your expectations! If you approach your life from a place of acceptance, the stress that was clouding your brain will be replaced with the drive to change your reality and align it with your goals for yourself.

Talk to yourself: Studies show that positive self-talk is an effective way to diminish your stress and bring yourself back into the present. If you are feeling stressed, consider finding a space where you can express your concerns out loud and then talk yourself down into a more hopeful, energized place.

Know What Stress to Keep: Some stress is beneficial! You don’t need to try to banish or soothe every stressful thought. Stress is a natural reaction that can in fact help you perform better in the moment. If you are nervous about a presentation, for example, try to talk your thoughts into excitement and productive energy instead.

Break Your (Stress) Focus: Stress can make our brains cycle over and over again on the same worries. If you are having trouble shaking your negative train of thought, pull yourself out of your head and into your present. Look around the room or at the world around you. Identify three things that grab your attention and describe them to yourself. This exercise has proven to help people trapped in thought to be able to break out and regain clarity.

Improve Your Circulation: Our physical state has a direct impact on our mental one. If you are feeling stressed, tight, or more aggravated than normal, you may in fact be experiencing poor circulation. If you are feeling stressed out at your desk, for example, stand up. Go for a walk or take a short stretch break. Our brain needs oxygen to function, so our tendency to tighten our bodies and have a hunched over posture when we work will unfortunately only increase stress levels. Take a breather and let your blood back into your body.

Improve Your Environment: Studies show that nature and images of nature have an immediate calming effect on people. If you feel anxious or spent, put yourself in a green space. Whether you take a walk outside or hang a photo of a mountain range by your desk, natural imagery can help soothe an otherwise nervous mind.  

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