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Three Networking Fundamentals Everyone Should Know

Make the most of your time with people; you never know who your new client or trusted colleague could be!

While each networking opportunity is unique, in general, you will become a more confident, effective networker if you remember that: 

It’s Not about You. 

Get out of your own head when you meet people. Instead of worrying about your end of the conversation, focus on the people around you. The time you spend with these professionals is a chance to learn and become a better-rounded individual. Make a habit of learning (and remembering!) people’s names. Approach others with polite curiosity. Listen actively to what they have to say! Don’t worry about saying the perfect thing at the perfect moment. Spend time getting to know the people you meet. Ask questions. Listening will help you find opportunities to be of service and grow your professional network. 

You Need to Be Ready.

People’s time is precious (as is your own!). Be prepared to describe yourself clearly and effectively to others. Think about your goals. Practice and prepare ahead of time. Likewise, identify common questions and concerns that your prospective clients may bring up so you can have useful responses ready in these moments. Don’t be afraid to play to your strengths! Represent yourself and your business clearly and positively.  

It’s about Long-Term Connections. 

Networking is a long-term game. As your business grows, stay in contact with your network. You never know when a connection will turn into a new client. Just because someone didn’t need your services today doesn’t mean they and their friends won’t need your services tomorrow! The longer you spend networking, the better you will get at making and maintaining these long-term connections. 

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