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The Dos and Don’ts of Making Progress

Want to grow professionally and financially? 

Consider following these well-tested entrepreneurial dos and don’ts: 

Do Make a Plan.

But don’t feel like your plan has to be set in stone! If you gain new experience or learn information from a reliable source that leads you to consider adjusting your plan or approach, give yourself the room to do so. What matters is that you have an effective plan that works; wandering aimlessly toward vague goals can waste valuable time and money. Creating a clear plan, however, gives you both direction and a way to monitor (and celebrate!) your progress. 

Don’t Let Fear Stop You. 

Avoid allowing anxiety to stop you from acting. If you face risks along your path, take steps to protect yourself and your finances as soon as possible. Once you have reduced your risks and prepared for worst-case scenarios, push yourself to proceed. Take small, doable steps; this will reduce your fear and help you make progress over time. 

Don’t Fixate on Negatives.

Did you make a mistake or encounter a negative outcome? Don’t become paralyzed with regret; analyze these moments for the lessons they contain, then move on. If necessary, make amends with any parties affected by your mistakes. Don’t dwell on it or beat yourself up when things don’t turn out how you hoped. Learn how to avoid similar outcomes in the future and keep moving. 

Do Listen to Your Mentors.

Get guidance along your path. Your mentor can advise you as to where and when you should adjust your action plan. They have likely faced many of these challenges before; listen to them! Your mentor’s experience can help you grow in the right direction.

Don’t Give Up. 

The path to success is not easy. However, it can be highly rewarding. Give yourself the time and room to grow into the best professional you can be. With time and dedication, you will see growth in both your professional development and your financial progress.

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