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Take Control Of Hidden Expenses

As much as it would be nice to relax and spend your money without worry, if you don’t watch out, you could lose upwards of $20 to $100 a week on hidden costs and fees!

Spend mindfully at all times. You can protect yourself from losing valuable dollars if you:

Extract Cash Carefully: Out-of-network ATMs will charge you a fee. To avoid these, only take out cash from your bank’s in-network ATMs. Opting to receive cash-back from your local grocery or drug store when you make a purchase often comes without a fee; check with your bank to see if this is the case for you. Out-of-network fees can be as high as $3.00 or more! This can add up fast for anyone trying to make the most of their budget.

Read Your Bills: Don’t take your bills for granted! If you see a fee that you don’t recognize on your phone or utility bill, call your provider. You may be able to get the charge lowered or removed entirely. Some people’s phone and internet providers will bump up the price of their service periodically. If you call and threaten to change providers over this (first, be sure there are better options for you) or ask why your cost went up when new members pay a much lower price, you may be able to get your membership cost reduced. Even a few dollars off will help your monthly budget.

Cut the Cost of Convenience: As valuable as your time is, saving money can be more valuable to you in the long run. While delivery services make it easy to get your groceries or enjoy dinner from your favorite restaurants, these companies usually charge you a fee of at least $4 or more per delivery plus tip. In the interest of your bottom line, you may want to consider self-pick-up or a home-cooked meal instead. Sometimes, simply calling to order delivery directly from the restaurant can avoid this fee all-together! Similarly, when you purchase movie or concert tickets online, pay attention to the service fee.

Little expenses add up. If you have goals you are trying to achieve, simplify and streamline your weekly spending habits. For more information on ways to save, visit our blog at