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Stop Procrastinating & Knock out Your Goals This Week!

Have you been putting off certain goals or responsibilities?

Most of us are procrastinating on something right now. Thankfully, the urge to procrastinate is 100% surmountable.

You will enable yourself to stop delaying and tackle the problems you have been avoiding if you:

Build Your Team. 

Are you procrastinating because you do not feel confident enough to make your next move? You are not alone. When you are unsure how to face a goal or situation, look to the examples of the people you admire. Ask your mentor for their guidance on goal accomplishment. The members of your personal and professional network can give you the confidence and information you need to move forward with purpose. 


Ask yourself why you are avoiding this particular goal or responsibility. If you can determine the source of your discomfort or hesitation, you can then identify ways to help yourself push through these feelings in the future. For example, if you are afraid of the outcomes of your efforts, take time to prepare, practice, and protect yourself, just in case your actions don’t match your expectations. Push yourself to be a little braver each day. Remember to reward yourself for pushing past your desire to procrastinate!

Believe You Can. 

Sometimes, all that stands between someone and their goals is their own procrastination. Remember, it’s better to take action and learn a lesson than to avoid moving forward entirely! All effort should be counted as progress toward your goals. Don’t put an expectation of perfection on yourself. This sets you up for disappointment or feeling overwhelmed. Don’t establish unreasonable goals; your mentor can help you separate realistic goals from far-fetched ones. Learn from your mistakes. Have faith that you’re getting better with every step you take! Confidence goes a long way when fighting our bad habits, like procrastination and avoidance. If you have faith in your ability to grow, you will be open to the process, benefits, and outcomes of each step you take.

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