Photo By Jehyun Sung On Unsplash

Six Ways to Become a Better Leader

Your leadership style has a major impact on whether or not people want to work with you. If you open yourself up to be a positive influence on people’s lives, they are more likely to embrace you and your message.

Increase your influence with the help of these six communication tips and tricks:

Look Outside Yourself: Whether you are engaging with someone on social media or face-to-face, try to approach the conversation from a position of service. Influence comes from responding to the needs of those around you, not from projecting your needs and opinions onto others. Listen to the people around you. Seek opportunities to be helpful and positive with everyone you meet. The rewards and lessons they offer can enrich your future professional service on both a local and broad scale.

Inform Your Audience: Engage their emotions. An appeal to your audience’s emotions will grab their attention and make the facts you want them to hear more relatable. Some people learn better if they hear personal accounts, while others learn better when given art or other visual aids alongside historical retellings or scientific explanations. Know your audience in order to address their emotions effectively.

Frame the Effects: If you are trying to promote a certain change, frame the outcomes in terms of how it will influence the environment your audience lives and works in. Not everyone will realize something is impacting them until you draw their attention to how it will affect them directly.

Be Inclusive: An “us” versus “them” mentality can waste valuable time and limit access to viewpoints that could, in fact, help you and your business grow. Invite people to your team. Celebrate that they are with you! Keep the amount of time spent dwelling on your competitors or those who disagree with you to a minimum. With that said, it is healthy to invite dissenting viewpoints: these ideas can often challenge you to find new solutions that satisfy the needs of everyone involved!

Be Generous: It won’t be forgotten. You can learn a lot when you are giving. Generosity builds trust. As a result, others will be more honest with their words and feelings. This will give you a better sense of how you can make meaningful change that can truly help them in the future.

Set an Example: A respectful attitude does more than invite positive karma. It encourages a free flow of thought and conveys that you appreciate the time and opinions of your peers. Once you establish you are committed to a respectful, generous lifestyle, you will truly see a meaningful improvement in your influence in both your personal and professional spheres.

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