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Savings Goals that Set You Up for Success

What can saving do for you? 

Saving money translates to peace of mind, greater flexibility, and more freedom. You will set yourself up for savings success if you set goals that reflect both your long- and short-term interests. 

If you’re ready to embrace and surpass your vision for yourself and your family, get to work on the following: 

Build an Emergency Fund. 

When you save your money, you give yourself the gift of financial security. An emergency fund will ensure you can afford your expenses, reducing your chances of going into debt while also protecting your credit score. Strive to create an emergency fund that will cover at least one months’ income interruption. Next, work your way up to three to six months’ worth of income. That way, you will be able to leave your savings intact while still paying your bills and covering your expenses. Your emergency fund will enable you to protect your finances as you pursue your other goals. 

Save up for Vacations. 

When the time comes to reward yourself with a vacation (or staycation!), plan ahead. Save for travel and other potentially pricey forms of self-reward with intention. A vacation should never break the bank; research options that will be rewarding and affordable when considering spending on yourself.

Build Your Retirement Fund.

Saving for retirement takes time. Make sure you account for future inflation when setting your savings estimates. If you would like to increase your savings power and get on track for your ideal retirement date, consider boosting your income with a second career, even part time. Your hard work and dedicated saving now can translate to comfort and security later in life. 

Bonus Tip: Ditch Credit Debt.

If you want to meet your savings goals as quickly as possible, set an immediate goal of paying back any credit card debt that you have. The interest from credit debt will rob you of potential savings each month if you let it. Getting rid of your credit card debt will help you truly embrace a long-term saving habit.

You deserve to make your money work for you. Find out how to save and earn more on the Syncis Money Blog today.