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Retirement Preparation: It’s More Than Saving

Our retirement checklist should include more than a savings account and a countdown to reaching retirement age. In order to guarantee the security and quality of our plans for the future, we should consider completing these four steps before we retire:

  • Defeat Debts: Unfortunately, if we retire and are in debt, we will be losing valuable retirement savings to debt repayment, as well as to the ever-growing interest attached to our debt. We save for retirement in order to support a work-free lifestyle. Set a goal of paying down your debts well before you reach retirement, and remember to consistently practice responsible credit card use, or else you run the risk of running out of money.
  • Assess Insurance Needs: Some people decide, as they approach retirement, to retain a life insurance policy in order to ensure their spouse, children, or other family members will still receive the support they need from them, should they pass away. Many soon-to-be retirees, free of dependents, however, decide not to renew this type of policy. Your insurance needs vary depending on your particular circumstances.
  • A Goal that Fits You: Think about the specific requirements of your unique retirement vision. Goals will vary person to person, depending on where you want to retire, how often you want to travel, etc. However, it is also a fact that all of our financial futures will feel the strain brought on by inevitable inflation. Keep these and your other relevant costs in mind when setting your goals, to make sure they are rooted in reality.

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