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Positive Habits for Dealing With Stress

Stress can impact your health, ability to make quality decisions, and performance. 

If you are feeling stressed, the answer is not necessarily to ignore how you feel, nor to fixate on your stress. Some steps you can take to address your stress in a meaningful way include: 

Reframing Challenges.

With weightlifting, body builders become stronger when they pump iron and stress their muscles. Similarly, you will become a better professional and problem solver if you accept that challenging, stressful situations will occur sometimes. Instead of dreading and railing against challenges, have faith in your ability to find solutions and persevere. Growth occurs through friction; you will not become a smarter, stronger professional unless you learn through experience and tackle stressful scenarios head-on. If you play it safe your whole career and try to avoid stress, you will not succeed. Sitting around and planning to take action will get you nowhere. Alternatively, hard work will shape you into the person you were meant to be. When you encounter difficult situations, learn from them, create similar plans of attack for your future, and keep moving. 

Getting Support. 

You will succeed if you stay open to the wisdom of the experienced members of your support network. If you are unsure how to solve a problem, reach out to a mentor. They have likely faced similar stressors before and overcome them. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, nor do you have to live alone with your stress. Your support network is there to help you blow off steam, organize your thoughts, and find solutions. 

Finding Quiet Time. 

Give yourself time to calm your mind, meditate, and check in with how you are feeling both physically and mentally throughout your day. Mindful check-ins will help you avoid burnout and give your mind and body the care they need along the way. 

Making Time for Healthy Hobbies. 

The way you spend your time off matters. Give yourself opportunities to fall into relaxing rhythms of hobbies and healthy habits. Exercising, gardening, and other beneficial hobbies give your mind the room it needs to recover from stress, while also keeping it strong overall. Lying on the couch and eating processed snacks all week will not address your stress effectively; healthier, more productive self-care habits will. Push yourself to find the right balance between rest and healthy levels of stress-reducing activities.

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