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Persistence Pays Off

You set a goal: in two years, you will have saved up enough of an emergency fund to cover one month (or more) of unemployment. Whatever your goal, feel proud that you are ready to improve your financial future, but don’t forget to include this one key trait in your efforts to achieve your goal: persistence.

Persistence is the repeated commitment to action that is taking you in the direction of your desired goal.

Here are three examples of the benefits of persistence:

Personal Financial Goals: Persistence pays off, as you push yourself over time to build an emergency fund, pay off student debt, or start a savings habit in general. To persist means to commit daily to disciplined spending and saving. It can be tough, but everybody can benefit from persistent saving!

Persistence in Leadership: A team leader can also benefit from being persistent. For example, sometimes your team may not be reaching the goals you had hoped for and set, but if you persistently encourage them and acknowledge their progress along the way, you will stoke their energy. Your committed, repeated efforts will produce results!

Go the Extra Mile: It’s not easy to find time to stay in touch with everyone we know, be it in a personal or professional setting. If, for example, you are a professional who makes the small commitment to keep in touch with your clients occasionally, even if those clients do not need your services at that moment, you leave yourself open to play a future helpful role for them. Because you were persistent in your friendly expression of helpfulness, when they need your services, they will know you are willing to provide extra care and energy.

Persistence creates a cycle of success. By making a commitment to a repeated action, you are building momentum toward your goals.

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