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Overwhelmed? Three Ways to Conquer Your Major Goals

Typically, a good deal of saving, spending, and organization stands between you and your major financial goals. For example, the time and effort required to become a homeowner or ensure a comfortable retirement can feel daunting or downright overwhelming. When a task seems like it’s too much for us to handle, our instinct can be to freeze up, put it off, or avoid it all together. Similarly, a large financial goal can have the same effect on us.

Don’t let the size of your dreams scare you away from achieving them! You can turn your financial goals from intimidating mountains you fear you’ll never be able to climb into doable, smaller steps by emphasizing these three ideas:

Take Each Step One at a Time: While it’s important to review our goals regularly for planning and motivation, do not let yourself become fixated on them. Instead, acknowledge your daily hard work as you progress toward your end goal. Each savings step takes you closer to homeownership, a new car, or whatever your goal may be. If we focus on the positives of our present, the distance we have to travel to reach our goals can be a fulfilling and fun journey, instead of a tedious trip we dread taking.

We Can’t Control Everything: We can prevent stress in our financial journey by accepting and preparing for the unexpected. Market changes, personal emergencies, and income interruption can all delay our ability to achieve our goals. If you build an emergency fund, you will have an easier time countering financial surprises without losing momentum. If you do not have an emergency fund, push yourself to save at least enough to cover one month of no income.

You Are Not Your Goals: While our financial goals help us establish security and comfort in our lives, they do not define us. If you are living and working daily according to your personal values, you deserve to feel fulfilled and at peace during your day. Financial growth takes time and your path is uniquely yours. Take pride that you are living according to your values and that any financial growth you make comes second to the fact that you have made your and other’s lives more meaningful.

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