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Long-Term versus Short-Term Retirement Goals

What can you do in the present to stay on track with your plans for retirement? 

Strike a balance between your short- and long-term retirement goals.

Short-term retirement goals include steps like communicating your plans with your family, researching and narrowing down the ideal states and cities for your retirement (or deciding that you will stay local!), and automating your savings. 

Your short-term goals pave the way to your long-term retirement goals. Even the simple act of challenging yourself to save more money this week can take you closer to your retirement goals. You can accomplish and feel proud of these short-term retirement goals sooner than later! 

Longer-term goals for retirement often include meeting and exceeding one’s savings milestones, finding healthcare options appropriate for one’s age and personal needs, and considering making changes to your career in order to increase one’s earning (and saving!) power.

You will stay on track for your long-term retirement goals, while knocking out your short-term ones, if you:

Save at Every Opportunity.

Build the financial foundation you deserve; the more you save, the more secure and comfortable you will be in retirement. Re-orient your budget to prioritize savings, if you have not already. If you have, set a goal of saving up more! Push yourself to aim higher than your initial estimate for your retirement needs. The more you can contribute to your retirement fund, the better you will be able to adapt to the rising cost of living in stride at any age.  

Expand Your Professional Skill Set.

Never stop learning! Take classes. Explore new areas, but also push yourself to hone your expertise. The more skills you have, the more flexible you will become. You will have an easier time overcoming future challenges along your professional path. Likewise, more experience and professional ability also often mean more earning power! 

Reflect on Your Goals. 

And pursue them! Stay true to yourself. There is no one perfect way to save and plan for retirement. If you remain dedicated to your financial security and growth, you will be on track for retirement.

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